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    Adobe Audition 1.5 & Windows 7


      Hey All..


      I'm a newbie to the boards here so please forgive me if some of my questions seem jumbled..so to speak..Basically here is my issue..any help/direction would be appreciated.


      I have AU 1.5..still my fav and most used and have successfully installed it on VISTA but now Im having some issues with a new computer I have with Windows 7.


      When launching 1.5 everything look good. I can open audio files, play them back, use the effects etc.... However when I hit RECORD ( to start recording what I hear off my computer) I get the following message:


      ! A device ID has been used that is out of range of your system.


      An error was generated by your sound card. It may not be properly configured - reinstall your sound card driver, check teh sound card documentation and, if neccessary contact the sound card manufacturer to help you resolve this hardware error.


      The Soundcard is a RealTek which came with the computer itself..


      Any tips on configurartion etc? it may not even be possible for thsi to work on Win 7 but I just dont feel like blowing $$ on the latest version of Audition when this works fine.