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    AdvancedDatagrid DataTipFunction

    Frank F._ Level 1



      i have a grouped AdvancedDatagrid. It looks like this...


              <mx:GroupingCollection2 id="gc" source="{model.ds}">
                      <mx:GroupingField id="gf" name="contractNumber" descending="true">
                              <mx:SummaryRow summaryPlacement="group">



      A part of the AdvancedDataGrid is a Column with a long long description. My solution is to show a DataTip.

      Because the ADG is grouped, i have two different types of rows. The grouped one, with the arrow to expand the group and the normal one, gouped by the grouped one. The DataTip with the DataTipField works fine with the normal one.


      Unfortunately, iin the grouped one, the DataTip shows [object][object].



      I assume, what I need is a DataTipFunction to fix this. In this  function, i will receive a object (AdvancedDataGridColumn). But how can i  reference to the data of the highlighted line? And how can i find out,  if this is a groupedLine or an expanded?

      Thank you for reading this.

      Please give me a glue.