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    AdvancedDatagrid GroupingCollection in AS3

    Frank F._ Level 1

      My AIR-Application is based on the mate framework.


      I receive Data from a SQLite and put the Data into an ArrayCollection. The will done in the modelClass.



      In the class of my AdvancedDataGrid, i create a GroupingCollection via mxml. All works fine.


      BUT, I prefer to build the GroupingCollection in actionscript.The reason is, i need a chart, coded i a seperate class. And this chart need the GroupingCollection as Dataprovider. Another reason is, i have to swtch the grouping field in runtime and a assume, this will be easier in as.


      But i can't find anything, how to code this. In the adobe help itself, they create a GroupingCollection in mxml.




      Another Idea is, to build the groupingCollection and put it into the  model via two-way-bindung. But I'm not sure, if this will work.


      Have you any hint for me?

      Thank you