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    LG MAXIMO ONE can't install Adobe Air




      Actually my problem is simple. I can't install Adobe Air Runtime in my device because I can't find it.


      I've search for Air Apps in the Market and install a few. In the opening screen they all ask to install Adobe Air, when I search it just isn't found.


      Is this my phone problem or the Adobe Air runtime is out of the market?


      I am using Mac OSX Leopard. any tips on how to install it?


      Thanks for any tip.

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          I also can't find AIR in the marjet using HTS wildfire. This device comes with Android 2.1 and the 2.2.1 update was available which i did the update.


          After that I tryed to find the Air in the Market and also can't find it.


          Because this device comes also with flash player I thought that it would be able to run Air.


          Is there any possibility to install air in this thing?