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    URL query-string variables - problem with iFrame

    djh88ukwb Level 1

      Good Evening all.


      I have built a Flex application that has a number os states, and makes use of URL Query-String Variables in order to take a string from the URL and assess which state to load into.


      For example, say my application is hosted at www.myapp.com

      www.myapp.com?State=one     would load the application into state one

      www.myapp.com?State=two     would load the application into state two   

      www.myapp.com?State=three     would load the application into state three   


      This all works fine when i use the html page generate by flex when i build the project.  However i want my application to be iFramed into another site.


      Is there anyway of making use of these URL Query Strings once i have done this or is it not possible ?


      ANy help would be great ! !