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    auto Display update after SQL update


      I have a recurring problem, my app works, I change data etc all is good.


      However the display does not update automatically I dont seem to be able to force a new refresh.


      I dont seem to be able to destroy the variables and then force them to update.


      I am using tab navigator and despite the data change when I tab across the data remains old.


      I spotted this article:



      it seems to refer to older code.


      An other ideas?




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          Kumar Pratik Level 1

          I need some more information on this. What i undersatnd is you are updating some value in the database but the updated value is not getting displayed.

          Am i correct?

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            DrClohite Level 1

            Hi Kupratik, that is exactly it.


            If I put a button on the screen called update and send it off to recall the data again, it succeeds.


            so if I enter data in screen one. It then updates the database and appears to go through the process of reloading the arrayCollection then via tab navigation  switches screens to a screen that shows the list of data and should include the changed data, it shows the old data until I hit the button 'update'. The update button brings you back to the same screen, the list and all it does is call the same process of reloading the arrayCollection.




            this happens in more than one scenario. I.e. If I want to change the user name, I enter the new user name (and force a state change) and store that to a ddatabase (AIR) then reload the arrayCollection and then change state back to where we started and the old email address is registered until I close the program and load it up again, hey presto, new data.


            It seems to be something to do with tab navigation not refreshing the data or the screen, i need to some how force an update and so far hit a lot of dead ends.

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              DrClohite Level 1

              the answer lay in the navigator tabs. I have answered more fully in a another related question. But basically what happens in a tab, needs to stay in the tab!


              I was trying to add data in one tab and then move to another tab that showed a datagrid, The issue was I could not get the datagrid to update.


              When i moved the add data form into the same tab and seperated into states, it all worked. Hoorah!