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    color shift problem

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      Director is discoloring images on import. The left example pic is correct. The right is after import into Director - it's brightened and yellow - the lip color altered. (The left is the original pict, the right a screen cap from the stage after import.)


      You may not notice much difference on a PC but this color shift is dramatic on a Mac, especially after enhancing images to achieve a certain effect only to have Director discolor them.


      The process has been as follows:

      - Export pict file from Photoshop with a color profile

      - Import pict file into Director at 32bit


      Alternatively, I've tried exporting jpgs, pngs, bmps, etc with and without a color profile, and importing as 16 bit too. Nothing helps.


      Is there some color setting in Director? Why is it changing my images? Advice appreciated




      Dir. 11 / Mac os10.5.8 / Apple Cinema HD monitor / Photoshop CS4