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    AVCHD m2ts 16:9 footage ; levels effect unusable



      I have PPro C5 5.0.3 full version (no trial)  AVCHD footage taken by Panasonic TM-700 and I am not able to use level effect for two reasons:

      1. histogram is not readable being compressed on the horizontal axis
      2. separate setting of RGB is not possible

      I have seen previous posts on this issue and I have understood that the second point is a bug that will be taken care soon ( I hope) by ADOBE.

      What about the first one? I found a post (387574) months ago dealing with this problem but the recomendation was strange (to mask the letterbox image) I can not believe that is the right way to proceed !  Same level effect on DV footage is OK.

      Can anybody help

      Ignazio De Falco