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    Unable to run Flash Catalyst


      I work in a college and we are having problems running Flash Catalyst CS5 under student accounts. Staff and Admins can run the programs fine but when students run FC they get the following:


      An error has occurred. See the log file \\socapp02\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Catalyst\configuration\1295616721438.log


      The annoying part is that the path it has saved the log to doesn't exist and I can't find the log on the local station, user area or server!


      There isn't a huge difference between the staff and the student accounts - they are both locked down quite tight. We have added the student user into the staff AD groups but no difference. Other CS5 titles are fine.


      Anybody any ideas on where I can go next?!


      Thanks in advance.



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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I'm sorry to hear that you have not been able to run Flash Catalyst. I'd like to ask a couple questions and maybe we can go from there.


          What is the install location of Flash Catalyst?

          Are you using Flash Catalyst CS5 or the preview of Flash Catalyst Panini?

          What is your home directory? (you can take out any personal information, I'd just like to see the path structure)

          What operating system are you using?


          Kind of a wide smattering of questions, but hopefully they can give us some clues.