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    Acrobat exit, dependent on menu button used

    Abcde name

      I have a javascript folder based process for allowing  a person to step thru a list of pdf files performing an action on each file.

      A menu button is used which executes a function to sign and close the current file and open the next file in the list.


      When I execute this function from a menuitem (in a submenu under Tools as the parent) everything is fine and the files can be processed and stepped thru.


      However users have asked for this command to be more accessible by placing it on the Acrobat toolbar.

      So I used the app.addToolButton() to put the command in the addon toolbar. It executes exactly the same function and correctly signs and closes the current file, and opens the next file.

      Windows displays a Data Execution Prevention windows.

      Then Acrobat generates the error window message (as below) and Acrobat exits.

      "Adobe Acrobat 8.2 has encountered a problem and needs to close. etc"


      The windows event application log shows an entry

      Faulting application Acrobat.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x656c6946.


      Category (100) or None, Event ID 1000 or 1001.


      Does anyone know how to resolve this.

      Assistance is appreciated.