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    To Do List - Data tables


      The To Do List appears to make an asychronous call when a user that is logged into LiveCycle ES2 Workspace receives a new work item or is administratively reassigned a work item.

      What database table(s) are used to determine what work items/assignments are in a user's to do list?

      By tables, I mean database tables like TB_ASSIGNMENT, TB_ACTION_INSTANCE, etc.

      Currently, we have a problem that occurs where some users have a work item in their worklist and it is showing as a running processing that is assigned to the user, but it doesn't appear in their  To Do List. However, it will appear if we administratively reassign to another user and then administratively assign back to the desired user.  Thus, I'd like to know the database tables that make up the To Do List.

      Thanks in advance.