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    MAC Projector Unrecognized

    BBDude Level 1
      I created a project with Quicktime files -- basically a menu that points to external QT files and plays them. The project was done in Windows and then opened on a MAC, edited and published as a projector. All good. I copied the projector.osx file from the MAC to a flash drive, then copied it over to the windows machine with all the associated files to mass produce onto DVD. All good. The files burn just fine to the DVD. When viewing the DVD on the MAC, all the files show up including the PDF files, text files, QT files, images, etc. The only file that is unrecognized is the projector.osx file. When you click on the file, it says it is unrecognized and asks to select the application associated with the file. I don't understand!

      The file will play fine on the flash drive. I can copy the file back and forth from the flash drive (from windows to mac) and it will always play fine.

      So where exactly am I missing it!