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    Flash CS5 doesn't save advanced color effects on symbols


      In CS4 I'm used to inverting instances of my symbols by using a color effect:


      Style: Advanced

      Red: -100%  xR  +255

      Green: -100%  xG  +255

      Blue: -100%  xB  +255


      However, everytime I save these settings in a CS5 file, upon opening the settings have changed to:


      Red: 0%  xR  +255

      Green: 0%  xG  +255

      Blue: 0%  xB  +255


      Has anyone else had this problem? I'm on mac OSX with the 10.0.2 update installed.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          I'm seeing the same thing in CS5 running OSX 10.6.5. I looked at the Actionscript version of this and the ColorTransform class shows that the multiplier range, the % value in the property window, is 0 to 1. This means that even though you can set a value below 0, Flash doesn't recognize it and resets it to 0.


          Could you use a Tint change to get the color reverse that you want?

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            Ian Bellomy

            Had a couple students encounter the same issue.


            They had complex animations of graphic forms made from overlapping white and black pieces. Setting the blending mode to multiply allowed them to overlap the animation on top of imagery. Alternately some people needed to invert the black to white and blendmode:screen it onto darker textures and colors.


            This is easily accomplished through advanced color effect by multiplying everything by -100% and then offsetting by 255.


            Unfortunately these values aren't saved...


            You can use some code to do it, but this will get in the way of any timeline tweening. Our workaround was to drop any secondary animations of the graphic animation in a container and use code to modify _that_ clip.



            import flash.geom.ColorTransform;
            var ct = new ColorTransform();
            ct.redMultiplier = -1;
            ct.greenMultiplier = -1;
            ct.blueMultiplier = -1;
            ct.redOffset = 255;
            ct.greenOffset = 255;
            ct.blueOffset = 255;
            myClip.transform.colorTransform = ct;



            There might be another way around this that I missed, but it's a bummer that user entered values with observable and useful results aren't saved.

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              Matt McFaul Level 1

              This is a bug bear of mine. I am pretty sure the problem is solely located in the implementation of the colour panel in the CS5 authoring environment. The controls have been 'capped' to values between 0 and 100 and 0 and 255 for the first and second columns.
              I spoke to a guy from the Adobe team last year about it and he confirmed this had been done in an attempt to make text input and slider values have the same range of values -  in line with Adobe's Accessibility Guidelines.


              It certainly wasn't done by anyone who knew how useful this panel can be (or USED TO BE ) visually.


              There are 2 non-code solutions that I can think of. One is to somehow keep a copy of CS3 or 4 around in which to do your colour transforms. Paste your items back and forth and the Colour Values WILL stay in CS5 - just don't touch them with that CS5 panel : )


              The other is to find a Flash extension equivalent of the CS5 Colour panel - (or write one using JSFL).


              This is what I was looking for when I came across this post

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                Flash pro cc is doing the same with negative values of advanced color setting.

                Saved files and copied symbols reset negative values to 0.


                I am converting old CS4 .fla files ....