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    Question about accessing dataProvider info from an item renderer

    peteandrus Level 1


      I've been reading for awhile on this subject, and getting a lot of varying information.


      I need to know how to access the data in a dataprovider from an itemRenderer.


      What i want to do is use a check box in a DataGrid, or possibly a ComboBox, as an item renderer.


      I need to figure out, for instance, how to set the CheckBox.label = to a certain field in the data Provider.


      The data provider is assigned, of course, to the parent component, in this case the dataGrid or comboBox.


      I have seen signs pointing to the idea that the 'data' field indicates this value, but i don't see that value in any of the spark components.


      So, i guess my question is two-fold:


      1-how to access data provider info from an item renderer in general?

      2-how to access data provider info using spark components?


      thanks in advance!