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    Print and Save buttons in AS2


      This is a two part question:


      I have a flash application that has multiple layers of movie clips with an image in the background and the ability to position other movieclips on top of that image. I want to be able to print just the area the background movieclip takes up, or more specifically, I do not want to print the interface of the application, just the images that was created in the SWF itself by the user.

      Using this code from the Adobe actionscript dictionary gives me part of what I want, but how can I define an area to print rather than printing the whole swf?

      on (release) {print("myMovie","bmovie");}

      I'm guess the print area is specified by the bmovie, bframe, and bmax parameteres, but I'm not sure where or how I would go about setting those or which would be best for what I am trying to do.


      The second part of my question is that I am looking have a save button to save the same area that the print button would be printing. I'm thinking of using a field for the user to enter a name into that will create a variable and then saving the file with the name of said variable. What code can be used to save and create this bitmap?