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    Scientific research application requires machine code hack



      I am currently designing a scientific research and delivery application and I believe that Flex's multiplatform rollout is ideal for my purposes.

      One difficulty I foresee is the amount of mathematical computational power required to deliver the desired results in a timely fashion for the end user.

      In all previous connotations a machine interface was written in 8086 machine language, and versions thereafter, to take advantage of the smaller overhead.


      Does Flex have such ability to provide a low level machine call to machine language as data with an additional data area? The data area initially holds the input data for the mathematical computations and upon completion the data area would hold the results. Maybe completion could be represented as a dispatched event.


      I have been using Flex for some time and it is not apparent that anything like this is available. I would love to hear news from someone if there is something like this and how it can be acheived or if Adobe is considering providing such a facility.


      Many Thanks