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    Small feature requests

    David Polk



      I'm not sure if this sort of feedback is actually useful to you as you develop this, but some things that I miss from 3.0 windows as I work w/ the Mac version this week:


      1)  I don't like how the scrub is located at the top.  I would like to move it to the bottom.  Maybe I'm just used to it that way but I keep screwing up.


      2)  When I select a portion of a file, often it's to see how long my selection is in seconds.  Right now, this is hidden in the "selection/view" window (lower right) unless I expand it.  I would rather just be able to right click on it and set it up how I like.


      3)  In multitrack view, I can't figure out how to bring back my DB meter on the right just like it is in single track view (or in the windows version).


      4)  I wish there was a keyboard shortcut to select only the part of a file that is in view.  In windows, I can hit control-A, but in the mac version I have to use the menus on top, which is cumbersome because I do this all the time.


      5)  I don't like how I have to name a session right away when I click "multitrack."  Is this to enable some sort of auto-save feature?


      That's all I can think of for now.  The speed of this Mac version is stunning!  And there are many improvements.


      Thank you!


      David Polk

      WFMT Chicago

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Hi David,


          Thanks for this list.  Feedback is always appreciated.


          You can select the visible portion of a file by right-clicking on the waveform and choosing "Select Current View Time."  While this command does not have a keyboard shortcut assigned by default, you may configure this to be any key combination you like by clicking Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and opening Edit > Select Current View Time.


          You can move the levels meter panel, or any panel, by clicking the tab at the top of the panel and dragging it around the interface.  While dragging, you'll see regions of the interface overlaid with a rectangle to indicate the panel may be dropped there.  By dropping the Levels panel on the right-side of the Multitrack Editor panel, it will change from a horizontal display to a vertical meter. 


          Some of your other concerns already exist in our feature backlog.  Requiring "saving" a new multitrack session allows Audition to create folders for recorded and automatically-generated assets, as well as confirm master channelization and other parameters that were not offered previously.  However, your concern comes up regularly on the forums and a feature has been written to consider how this process can be modified to support the workflow you prefer.  For now, I create the session "Untitled Session 1" quite often


          Thanks again.


          Adobe Audition

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            David Polk Level 1

            Thanks for the response!  This is all very helpful.  We eagerly await the

            next build of Audition for Mac.

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              holden driver Level 1

              Can I make a suggestion in here too that the session names. It seems that the multitrack names don't automatically increment.  So if I've already created an untitled session 1, and hit new session, I would expect it should got to untitled session 2. Non Session waveforms create new files ok.


              Also, the other thing I would have expected, and only because 99% of apple apps run like this, where you close all the windows, yet the program stays open, ready for a 'new' window to be loaded. I noticed when I closed all the windows, the program closes. Is this by design?



              One other thing, is that when the main window is minimised and you Open a session, it could get a little confusing, as the window doesn't automatically pop up. It loads, but stays minimised. It just could seem like it didn't open the page. Maybe it should restore the window? or have an option to do so?


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                First, I'd like to say it's very exciting to finally have Audition available for the mac. The first thing I noticed is the time display is significantly smaller- and I have not found a way to increase the size as I normally have it quite large in ver. 3 for windows. Normally, just dragging the columns would increase the size of the timer, but I don't see any columns to drag.


                This is a small issue but I'm sure others would also prefer the option of having the time display much larger.



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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  The Time display embedded into the Editor panel is a fixed size.  You can click Window > Time to open the dedicated Time panel which will resize the display as you resize the panel.  If you don't want both, you can hide the in-editor components by selecting View > Show Editor Panel Controls

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                    daverdahl Level 1

                    Great! Thank you...that's exactly what I wanted. I'm looking forward to diggin' in!