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    Greyscale Images

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      I need to greyscale imgages and ive found this post:



      Ive tested it on my computer on FF, Chrome and Safari and it works fine. However the article says it wont work on all browsers:


      'the browser in question must support the HTML5 canvas element and its ‘getImageData’ method ....Google Chrome and Safari (<4) don’t support ‘getImageData’'


      From looking at the w3schools stats it seems like only a very small minority wont see the greyscaled images. Am I right? Im making this site for a client so it would be embarressing and a load extra work to have to go back and do things a different way.




      Is this a bit like javascript? So while the site should work without it, I can tell my client that 95% or more of people will see it the propper way?


      For my solution I could look into getting my CMS to create greyscaled images, but I dont know how hard this will be to do. Also the page would then need to load twice as many images, as im using 1 greyscale and 1 full color image for a roll over effect a bit like this one:





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          Update- Its actually very easy for my CMS to greyscale images. So the decision comes down to page size vs compatability.


          The page size may be an issue as the images are in a javascript scroller, so their are quite a few loaded with the page.

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            I did a quick test, using the greyscaling feature of my CMS doesnt make the greysclaed images any smaller, they are exactly the same size as the color originals.