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    Problem generating batch

    Von Ofterdingen

      I have a large project, with multiple files, that I am trying to upgrade from RH 5 to RH 8. Two of my 6 subprojects have worked fine. However, two others have failed when I run batch generate. The batch generate status window immiediately indicates that the comiliation is complete, and nothing is generated. Would anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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          M_Jha Level 1

          Hi Von,


          Have you tried generating the outputs independently in the projects without batch generate option?



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            Von Ofterdingen Level 1

            Thank you for your response. This is really perplexing to me.


            Yes, I have tried generating individual topic files and found that some of the files work and some do not. All of the files in the project have embedded graphics in MS Word. Some of the graphics compile alright but some do not (the file compiles if I remove them). Any ideas? I do not see any obvious formatting difference between those that succeed and those that do not.

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              Mona girdhar

              Hi Von,


              Since Batch Generate generates different types of SSL outputs, as per my understanding the batch generate didn't generate some of the SSL output types.  Can you please let us know that the batch generate is not working for which all outputs and can you try Generating those outputs directly from the SSL pod?



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                Von Ofterdingen Level 1

                I think I have been unclear about the problem...and I know more now, so I will try to provide a better explanation of the issue. The issue occurs whether I use batch generate or generate primary layout.My layout is Webhelp.


                I have files with screen captures in the Word document. Some of the Word files compile fine, but some do not. When I try to compile the troubled files, the compiler reports success almost instantly and gives no errors. However, no htm files are created. I began troubleshooting by trying to compile the individual files by themselves; when I found one that did not work I began to build it topic-by-topic. That's when I found that certain graphic images were the issue. If I import the file and save the graphics separately, they compile. So I guess the question is: what is wrong with some of my images in the Word files?

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                  Mona girdhar Level 1

                  Hi Von,


                  Can you please try the following things.


                  1. Create a new word file with the images that are not working.

                  2. Create a new project in Robohelp and import this word document and then try generating the output.

                  3. If the output is still not getting generated then do the following steps -

                       a. Open the above word document and go to Word Options->Advanced->Web Options

                       b. If the "Allow PNG as a Graphics format" and "Rely on VML for displaying graphics in browser" option is check, then uncheck these 2 options

                       c. Now save this word document and again import this document and now try generating it to Web Help


                  I hope this will be helpful.



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                    Von Ofterdingen Level 1

                    Thank you Mona, but I tried both of these aproaches without any change. Still, no output is being generated.

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                      Mona girdhar Level 1

                      Hi Von,


                      Can you please upload a sample project with the word file with which the issue is reproducible at acrobat.com.


                      Please share the link after uploading the project




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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                        Von Ofterdingen


                        In case you are reluctant to share the project, it may help you to know that Mona is an Adobe employee.


                        See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                          Von Ofterdingen Level 1

                          Thanks Mona. How do I upload a file?.

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                            Tejodhar Atreya U

                            It seems that its because of the  Version of MS Word. As you have project from RH5 to RH8  a files specific issue.



                            This usally could occur if you have a relative link in your project that points to a location that is not contained within your project.



                            Try the following steps


                            Backup the MpjSingleSource.dll file:


                            1. Browse to the [Path to the RoboHelp application]\RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML folder. The default location for RoboHelp X5 is C:\Program Files\Adobe\RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML.
                            2. Rename MpjSingleSource.dll to MpjSingleSource.old.


                            Install the update:


                            1. Download kb401652.zip.
                            2. Unzip kb401652.zip.
                            3. Move MpjSingleSource.dll from the location you extracted it to, to the [Path to the RoboHelp application]\RoboHelp 6.0\RoboHTML folder.
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                              Mona girdhar Level 1



                              Please perform the following steps to share the project -


                              1. Click on the Sign Up button to sign Up for a free account at http://acrobat.com.

                              2. Once you log into your account, upload the project.

                              3. Once project is uploaded, please share the same.

                                 (Share File option is available at the bottom-left corner of the page and as an option available for the specific file).


                              Please send the file at monagirdhar@gmail.com




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                                Von Ofterdingen Level 1



                                I have uploaded a sample project and shared it with you. Thanks for your help.

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                                  Von Ofterdingen Level 1



                                  Have you had any luck with this file?

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                                    Mona girdhar Level 1

                                    Hi Von,


                                    I know i am late in replying but i hope this solution will compesate for it


                                    Seems to be an issue with the document. We will request you to use a high end machine wrt memory otherwise you can split your document into more than one document.


                                    Please execute the following steps to split  the document and see if this resolves your problem:-


                                    1. Open your project in RH8 Word

                                    2. Create a new document in the same project.

                                    3. Cut paste some of the topics from Title2.docx of your project into this new document

                                    4. You should be able to generate the output