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    Resource Central not working...

    Thomas Helzle Level 1



      today I installed Premiere CS5 on my machine (windows 7 64 bit) and I get an error from Resource Central "We're sorry, but your network preferences prevent us from communicating with the server. Please enable online access and try again".

      Try again doesn't work.

      It also doesn't help to run Premiere as Administrator.

      I can't find any clue how I'm supposed to "enable online access".


      Now for some hours I searched the Internet for hints, but only found solutions for CS4, and the suggested files one is supposed to delete (config.xml) don't exist on my machine, so I guess this was changed for CS5. I tried to remove the files in the Resource Central folder of Premiere CS5 with no success.


      I have no Internet connection problems ever and Encore CS5 is finding Resource Central no problem...


      Does anybody have a clue where I could look?


      Not that it's life threatening, but I would like to find out what's wrong anyway.


      Cheers and thanks,



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          This document tells how to disable the service:


          Perhaps that information will be useful to you in determining how to re-enable it.

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            Colin Brougham-u9E3Ff Level 1

            'Round about the first time you launch Premiere, if you have the Windows Firewall enabled, it should pop up a window asking if you want to give access to that application. It's possible that the firewall is blocking access to Resource Central and Premiere.


            To check if this might be the case, click on the Start button (Windows, that is) and type "firewall" in the Search bar. One of the options that appears is "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security;" select that. In the window that appears, click "Inbound Rules" in the left pane, and look for the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 entries. If you see "Block" under the Action column, that might be what's preventing access to Resource Central. You can double-click that entry, and change the Action for it. If they're all set to "Allow"--well, then, I don't know

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              Thomas Helzle Level 1

              Thanks a lot for the suggestions!


              Hi Todd, that registry value is correctly set to 1 on my system...


              Colin, I checked the windows firewall, there was no entry for Premiere, but none for Encore (where it works) as well.

              I created an entry for Premiere but that didn't change a thing.


              I got no Firewall-Popup from any of the newly installed CS5 tools.


              I wonder if something is wrong with my system - I have to run all the CS5 Software as Administrator, otherwise the licensing doesn't work...

              In Lightroom 3.3 I don't get any Lens Profiles if I don't run it as Administrator...

              Adobe Design Premium CS4 works normally.

              Most other software does as well...