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    Fireworks CS5 not finding Photoshop plug-ins


      I recently installed Alien Skin Eye Candy 6 and Exposure 3 64-bit plug-ins. They are in my Photoshop plugins folder.


      When I open the Fireworks preferences and select this as the Photoshop plug-ins folder, the plug-ins are not available in Fireworks. I just get the standard Fireworks list and "Photoshop Live Effects".


      I tried trashing the preferences to no avail, and tried on a new user account - and really just can't understand why it is failing entirely to find the 3rd party plugins. Its no big deal - I hardly ever use them... but would still like to have them in the tank should they be needed for any reason.


      Any help gratefully received.




      Steve Jones


      PS: Running Fireworks CS5 ( on a MacBook Pro i7 2.66Ghz with 8GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.6.6