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    Mac Bootcamp or Paralles a Bad Idea?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Would I be asking for trouble running CS5 Production Premiem as a PC on a Mac using Paralles or equivalent?


      I've had the demo version running on my Mac, but about ready to expire.  I don't like the way it messes up my resource linking due to file structuring differences between PC/Mac.  Every time I have to switch the same project between Mac and PC, I always have to relink my media because Mac doesn't know what "R:\media\......" means (or at least I've yet to discover how to do it).  Then when I come back to PC, I've got to relink it all over again.  Major pain with big projects.


      If the iMacs didn't have a couple really nice programs that we use and a smoking awesome monitor, I'd trash them.


      Does any one know if

      1. CS5 for PC on Mac works OK?
      2. Will Paralles/Windows 7 see a NAS (LAN) network being in a quasi-Mac/PC environment?
      3. Am I asking for trouble?


      I'm just thinking if I need to buy a new license anyway, I might as well get the one the works the best for us.


      I'm downloading a demo of Paralles now, so I guess I'll find out.  But I'm sure someone else has already been in this rodeo and been kicked around a bit.  Is there anything I need to be aware of that's not apparent?