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    SWF file playing to fast when published

    Mr. Kirkwood Level 1

      I wrote this in Flash Catalyst Forum :


      "I have a FC project that has 6 swf files in it. when i run them as flash outside the FC they run just fine. i have the frames per second set to 1 in Flash. when i import them to FC and then publsih they run at a very high speed. how do i preserve the fps i set up in flash?"


      Chris Griffith responded with:


      "Flash Catalyst runs at 24 frames per second (the same rate as a Flex based application). The only two option that I can think of are to redo the animations to run at 24 fps, or see if there is some ActionScript code that can be added in Flash Builder that can rest the playback rate. I am not sure about the later solution. I would post it as a question on the Flash Builder/Flex forum."


      Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?