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    CS5 Design Premium Upgrade 50% #Fail - Parameters?


      Sorry to be a bother. When I run my new upgrade Fireworks CS5 I get:


      "Fireworks can not run. A parameter was incorrect." [click-OK]


      Poo. I don't have a clue how to fix this. Help?


      I'm so frustrated because fully half of this expensive upgrade (from CS4 and many before that) won't run. I feel so dumb.



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          UPDATE Monday; January 24, 2011 at 6:12 PM


          Working on a problem related to InDesign, Peter Spier pointed me to this solution by Rgtschope which worked fine:


          "Hey Guys!


          New in here, but I've been banging my head with this problem and found a very odd solution here... I will now explain:


          When trying Photoshop CS5, I was surprised by a message that said that it couldn't save its preferences... So I went to where Mac stores its preferences files and to my amazement saw that every CS5 folder were locked to my user! Oddly enough, only CS5 preferences folder were locked... So I went manually and unlocked them all and... success!


          So... go to /Users/[USER]/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 7.0. In Finder menu, File/Get Info....

          The last pane is something like Sharing and Permissions (don't know if this is exactly what it is called, I am working on a Portuguese Mac OSX). Expand it, press the little lock button, and press + button... add your user (I've added admin too, but don't know if it is necessary), give Reading and Writing privileges to it... and voilá!


          Apparently everytime that an Adobe CS5 product creates a folder in there, it creates it with this weird users privileges... Really don't know if it is a Mac OSX (10.6.3) issue or Adobe CS5 (Master Collection Trial).


          Hope this info helped..."


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