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    Record Streaming Audio


      Hello All,


      Just wondering if you know the settings I need to change to allow me to record iTunes, Youtube etc, straight into Audition 4 on the Mac? As at the moment it is recording only the mic input.


      I currently use 1.5 in the workplace, and have upgraded my home system to Mac?


      Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Apple, and many other audio device manufacturers, are making it more difficult to record audio streams due to concerns about the potential for piracy.  Generally, you'll need to install a third-party application in many cases.  On Mac, there is a tool called SoundFlower that can be used to record streaming content within Audition.  Once installed, you'll need to configure Audition to use Soundflower as the input device.

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            holden driver Level 1

            Hi Durin,

            I have to agree with the original poster. This is a very, very handy and required feature - especially for radio broadcast people.



            I've just tried that setup with Soundflower. It's bit of a pitty that it's neccessary to use a third party tool for this feature, but I guess with Apple doing what they do, this step may be needed. As the project is open source, is it possible or worth it, taking it on and making a version specific for audition that is bundled with the setup?


            I initially tried this program with only a few dramas, but eventually it worked. The problem was the audio was garbled. Once I matched the audio samples and slightly reconfigured it, it works ok. And... I can leave that setting as it is too.


            My settings are (so far):


            In the Audio Devices: (Applications, Utilities, Audio Midi Setuo)

            Built-in Input: Default Input

            Built-In Output: Play Alerts

            Soundflower (2ch): Default Output



            I had trouble getting the audio "format" (sample rate) above 44.1k, which will/could cause issues if you use the default sample rate in AA which is/was 48k. Just make sure they are both 44.1k and you should be ok. All inputs and outputs are set to 32-bit.


            I also ran the Soundflowerbed Application (located in your Applications  path) and confirmed the SoundFlower 2ch - Built In Output is checked.


            Hopefully that helps others.


            Soundflower can be downloaded here:





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              ryclark Adobe Community Professional

              But Audition is better.   It's not down to Audition, Audition can only record what the operating system or soundcard audio drivers send to it.