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    Warrior of Rohan Level 1

      I have been reading up on this noise reduction program. Looks like you would have to buy two licenses if you want to use it in After Effects and PrPro.  I'm a newbie to video editing so where is the best place to apply the noise reduction since I have both programs?





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          Pyramid Pyro Level 1

          I got this a few months ago and it is incredible. The big thing is the quality it puts out.  Freaking outstanding.  It's a must if your camera starts to get grainy/noisey in less-than-optimal lighting situations.


          Yes, you would have to buy two licenses from what I understand if you're using PR and AE.  But if you buy one, you apply it to which ever program is kicking out the final file (I think - that's what I would do).


          It kills your render times because it's so "heavy".  That's the only downside.  So you won't be watching or scrubbing footage with it applied (hence my recommedation above).


          Overall it is totally worth the expense and increased render time.


          Go for it.  I think this is  the only place you can buy it:  http://www.neatvideo.com/purchase.html



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            Warrior of Rohan Level 1

            Thanks for the reassuring words.  Will download the trial to play around with it.


            Where is it better to use, After Effects or PrPro?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I do not know the licensing provisions of Neat Video, but use it in PrPro, and Neat Image in PS. As AE has "Grain Removal," not sure how the two would compare. From my interactions with the company, I think that an e-mail will be quickly answered, concerning any licensing issues.


              Good luck,



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                Keith_Clark Level 2

                holy crap. i just downloaded and fiddled with the demo and this plug-in is brilliant! come this weekend i may have to invest in it as well.

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                  Warrior of Rohan Level 1

                  I did the same and used it on one video already. Problem is, it is old poorly shot VHS tapes .  Was looking for miracles but it did help.


                  Will be buying it soon.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Demon Hunter,


                    I find that just a touch of Unsharp Mask, after the application of Neat Video works well too. I do a bit of Sharpening (Smart Sharpen, or Unsharp Mask) in PS with their still version, Neat Image. Don't go overboard, as a little Sharpening works wonders.


                    Good luck,



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Yes, there are limitations. I hit some of those with some very old, poorly exposed VHS tapes for a client, as well. Only so much that one can do.


                      The best that I could come up with was Levels, then Shadow & Highlight, then Fast Color Corrector, then Neat Video and finally a touch of Unsharp Mask.


                      Still, would have been better to have the original scene properly lit, but that is life.


                      Good luck,



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                        Dag Norum Level 2

                        I like the denoiser from Red Giant (for AE CS3 and up):




                        Had to grab my camera (7D) kind of quick, and forgot it was set to the highest ISO, and the picture got a bit under-exposed (the flash got confused by some white background way to close, I think). Yes a still this time, but I have used the Denoiser on video as well, it's just that this still is a good example when it comes to details.


                        Please click on the images to see full size. It's a child, so the skin is smooth.


                        Original (first cropped to print size in PS) zoomed to 400% in AE:

                        (the red arrow points to a hair that's "broken" by the noise)



                        Denoised (over-done (and too smooth) in order to show that details are not touched)::



                        Of course, if I would need to over-do denoising, I would add grain (NOT noise) in order to make the footage look more natural:



                        I would suggest to download the Denoiser demo and try that one out. It's nice with more that one tool in the toolbox, since one screw-driver doesn't fit all screws.



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                          Keith_Clark Level 2

                          i tried the denoiser last week, but did not like teh fact it was only for AE :-/ it may require more tweaking with settings, but i couldnt get as clear of image with that as i did with this one, but i'm still debating which of the 2... with the NEAT though, i just applied the effect and bam. it was set. i compared the same clip in both plug-ins, and it seemed the NEAT was somewhat more clear and crisp... but still fiddling with the both.

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                            tfi productions 44 Level 1



                            do whatever it takes to buy the 2 licenses

                            one for AE

                            one for PPRO


                            you will NOT regret it


                            this NEAT plugin is amazing


                            it is so good that the developers knew that they could

                            make twice the money if the set up different licenses...

                            why do you think there are 2 separate licenses...:

                            because the filter is THAT excellent...





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                              Dag Norum Level 2

                              tfi productions 44,


                              Maybe you could provide some examples frrom you own work?


                              Always nice to see real examples you know.



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                                Dag Norum Level 2

                                As I said:


                                "one screw-driver doesn't fit all screws."



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                                  tfi productions 44 Level 1



                                  my workstation is in the middle of being re worked

                                  so my programs are not working at the moment


                                  but kinda like you said about the screws and driver


                                  it is such a powerful plugin in terms of it subtlety and transparency


                                  you kinda have to stare at the image for a while to see if anything happened

                                  at which point PERSONAL TASTES AND STYLES do enter into the final judgement...


                                  however, here is the trial download link






                                  also in the lower left of the window you'll see a 'test kit' to download

                                  and you should also download and read the quick start guide


                                  once you see what NEAT can do inside each program AE and PPRO

                                  you probably will buy a license for both

                                  that way PPRO won't be jealous of AE and vice versa




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                                    Warrior of Rohan Level 1

                                    I am an ametuer but like to use the best tools possible.  What I want to know is when would I use NEAT in AE as opposed to PrPro.  Why one and/or not the other. Don't they do the same thing?  Thanks also for the other tips on sharpening software. Have use sharpening software (NIK) for years on Photographs but just learning video.



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                                      Pyramid Pyro Level 1

                                      Neat is a very heavy program so I would suggest using it in which-ever program you are doing final export from.  I've only used it for PPro but...


                                      Yes, they pretty much do the same thing.  Example:  if you are importing/linking a clip from AE to PPro and using PPro for final export then I would say get a PPro license.


                                      And don't apply it until you are ready to export.  I do my edits and minor correction first, then export a rough cut to preview, THEN apply Neat before I'm ready to call it quits.


                                      And be ready to wait for the export - it takes a while but the results are great.


                                      Best of luck,



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                                        tfi productions 44 Level 1



                                        i agree with Pyro


                                        because NEAT is a heavy program

                                        use it on final render


                                        sometimes i final render from AE

                                        sometimes i final render from PPRO


                                        at first i thought i got ripped because unless you tweak the parameters a lot

                                        you can't see the effect working

                                        *until your eyes get used to it*

                                        kinda like working in a traditional color darkroom:

                                        at first you can't see anything and then you can see what you're doing


                                        it is very subtle yet powerful

                                        it adds that last little zest to get the prolook