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    Changes to .fla don't show up in Flash Builder run




      So, I've been developing applications in the Flash Pro IDE, and I've decided to try and use Flash Builder 4's advanced coding tools to make things a bit speedier and to help in profiling and debugging.

      The applications I'm looking at creating generally have a lot of complex  graphic elements, and a lot of timeline based animations. So, I still want to use Flash Pro as my drawing/animation tool, but use Flash Builder to test, profile and debug the ActionScript code.


      I've successfully created a new "Flash Professional Project" in Flash Builder.

      It is a very simple project consisting of a Main.fla

      The first time I ran the Project (using the actual Flash Builder "Run" and not the "Test Movie in Flash Professional"), everything went smoothly.

      I was also able to use Flash Builder's "Debug" to successfully debug the application. (Again, not the Flash Professional Debugger).


      So, I wanted to see how/if Flash Builder updates the project if I make a change to a graphic within a .fla file in the project.

      With both Flash Builder 4 and Flash Pro CS5 open, I opened Main.fla and just drew a square Shape on the stage.

      I saved Main.fla, and then went back to Flash Builder.

      I hit F5 to refresh the project, but when I attempted to "Run" the Project, a new browser window opened, but the square was not displayed.

      Same thing happens when I choose "Debug".


      How do I get Flash Builder 4 to update the project so any graphical/animation changes I make in a .fla will be reflected when I Run/Debug in Flash Builder?


      When I hit "Run", Flash Builder opens the "bin-debug/Main.html" file in a new browser window. So, I assume this is the file that is not getting updated... or more accurately... the "bin-debug/Main.swf" that the .html file loads.