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    Reader X and Departmental Code Printing Prompt




      We have recently installed Reader X to our client machines. We upgraded from 9.4.


      Our problem we currently have relates to our Toshiba Copier and our Departmental Printing codes. The problem is that when a user selects our toshiba copier to print either in black and white or colour they are then prompted to input their departmental code, for costing purpouses.


      In Reader 8 and 9 the deparmental prompt was bought to the front of the screen as the active window, the user puts in the correct code and printing continues. With Reader X the departmental prompt 'falls' behind the Reader X window and the user assumes the printing has failed. If we minimise Reader the prompt is present and also the prompt can be seen in the Taskbar.


      Makes no difference if the file is open locally, from a server or from internet explorer.


      These extra few steps is apparently annoying our users. I guess like every one they are not keen on change.


      Is there a way to force this window to the front of the screen?


      Below is what the users see. The prompt is behind the active window/s and can be seen in the taskbar as the next 'stacked' adobe icon. The image is from a Windows 7 machine. Both XP Pro and our Win 7 machines experience the same issue.




      Thanks in advance.


      Mick Hanna.

      Guide Dogs Association SA.NT