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    text effects question

    mentlity Level 1

      I'm starting to gret the basic hang AE. I do have a question about text effects as I have no problem adding effects to a layer but I was curious on how I can add both an animate in and animate out efect on one piece of text. Unless I'm wrong I dragged an in effect but when I drag an out effect I cannot get both to display.


      I'm referring to the stock text effects in AE of course hope this isn't a dumb question and it's possible I will figure this out as I'm doing but any help appreciated.



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          First, an important piece of terminology: The things that you're adding to text layers aren't effects. They're animation presets. There's a rather large difference. Here are some pages that give the basics of each:

          "Effects overview and resources"

          "Animation presets overview and resources"

          "Text animation presets"



          One of the important differences (and the reason that I'm pointing out the terminology issue) is that animation presets are nothing more than collections of properties and keyframes for standard layer properties. In other words, you can make animation presets yourself and---to the point---modify the results of them after you've added them to layers.


          So, don't think in terms of adding a stock animation preset and then another to get a compound result. Instead, apply one, examine its results, undo that, apply another, and examine its results, et cetera. Learn to build your own complex animations by examining how the animations in the animation presets are set up.

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            mentlity Level 1

            Thanks for pointing that out as my mind reverts back to Flash, Premiere and Final Cut where you drop effect presets on the begining ot tail ends of video in layers, a similar concept but I did figure a way. Added a pre set  a piece of text and just copied to another layer and used another preset.


            I do however have another importanrt effect question . I will close this and mark as answered.