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    Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

      I am experiencing this error message and in the timeline there are red, broken and pixeletted frames with the audio not sounding very good as well. I am captured HDV using my Canon XH A1  and editing in a matrox sequence. I am not sure what caused this because I replayed the tape and those bad frames do not exist on my tape.


      Some of the forums did not come up with a solution for this problem. I am considering recapturing these files again. Any ideas on how to fix these issues please.



      Adobe PP CS5

      Windows 7

      HP XW 6600

      Dual Quad Xeon @ 3ghz

      24GB RAM

      GTX 285 2GB

      Matrox RT X2

      3TB internal RAID 0

      3TB Esata RAID 0.