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    Indesign Doing The Maths

    mckayk_777-PN6kWE Level 2

      In all Indesign dialogs you can let Indesign do the maths for you ie: witdth / 2 gives you half the width... great.



      In page setup if you where doing a imposition and wanted page width (90mm) x 4 copies thats easy at 90mm*4 indesign gives you the answer

      But then if you want to increase that by another 40mm to allow space between each 90mm can indesign work that out in one go

      ie: something like this (which does not work) 90*4 +40mm this keeps coming up invalid numeric value (Can you tell indesign that there are two sums to work out)

      Or do you have to do it in two sums

      ie: 90*4

      = 360mm

      then 360mm +40