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    Custom uninstaller for AIR application

    Ronald Kamp



      My name is Ronald Kamp and I am a junior Rich internet application consultant at iDA MediaFoundry in Belgium.


      I'm currently working on an application that needs authentication. The credentials are concatenated and written to the EncryptedLocalStore. Also, there is a file in the application storage directory and another file (written by the logger in my java process that my air app calls) in the user directory.


      My question is the following: Is it possible to create a custom uninstaller that removes all these files from the system? I could really use some help on this matter.


      Thanks in advance for your help!!


      Kind regards!


      Ronald Kamp

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          There is an Alternate solution like keeping an uninstall button inside the application and clicking on this button will clear the files from the Application storage directory and Encrypted Local Store


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          Basker D

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            Ronald Kamp Level 1



            This is not a solution I would use. The problem with this solution is that, when the user goes to Control panel > Software and uninstalls my application this way, all the files remain on the computer. Also, this is something I have never seen before.


            What I need is like a way to change the script of the uninstaller so that I can tell the uninstaller to delete those files as wel. And all this in such a way that, when I call the uninstaller from anywhere on the system, all the files are removed.


            Thanks for your answer.


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