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    Problems unloading modules (due to skins?)

    FredericCox Level 1



      I have a problem in my Flex application where modules are not unloading. I moved the focus out, cleared out eventlisteners (I read diff. tutorials on that) and now modules are not increasing every time I load them but there is still always 1 instance of the module that has been loaded.


      Suppose we have a login module, if I would open it 5 times I would have 5 references in memory, now only 1 which is good, but when the module is not open it needs to be 0 and not 1. When I use the profiler I get 10 paths (this means references still in memory for the login module, right?) to the login module as displayed in the screenshot




      It seems to be an issue in the skins or how should I see this? Is it because the skins are used somewhere else in my app also? Can anyone shed some light on this?