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    I want to my external JPG files to have this sequence: 01, 02, ... , 10, 11, ...

      Oh, I'm getting crazy! I just can't understand how to get this to work!
      Please, if you know what's wrong, help me!!! PLEASE, PLEASE

      You know, my slideshow works fine when I rename the external images to 1.jpg, 2.jpg, ...., 10.jpg, .....
      But becasue of some reasons, I need to have the external images in this new sequence: 01.jpg, 02.jpg, ....., 10.jpg, .....

      But I don't know how to change the codes to understand the new format! I guess this would be an easy thing to do and I can't find it, that's why I'm getting crazy! I've tryied anything but no result :(

      oh, Please, Please, Please help me.

      I've attached the slideshow source file here

      And note that the slideshow will run while you open the main.swf first (because of pathes in there, I know, It's a mess!)