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    WTF happened to DW Help?

    Fred Riley

      Once upon a time, before Adobe took over Macromedia, Dreamweaver Help was a simple affair - you hit F1 and in a couple of seconds a Help window appeared. You entered a search term and got immediate results as the content was locally stored. Simples, no? Now, hit F1 and you get an hourglass cursor, then after a minute of thumb-twiddling you get a prompt to update Adobe Air. So you do that, then some achingly slow window appears and you have to choose Dreamweaver CS5 Help, which then has to download. Then you search for something and it looks through online content only, which is pretty *@$#ing slow. Five minutes later you've forgotten what you wanted to find out as your blood pressure's risen to unhealthy levels.


      So, and it is a simple request that should be bleeding obvious, how's about just a *local* Help file? You know, just like the old days before Dreamweaver became unwieldy expensive baroque bloatware? I never thought I'd look on Macromedia with nostalgia, but in comparison to the Microsoft wannabe corp that took it over, it was positively user-friendly.


      No reply needed or wanted.




      PS: the simple thing I wanted to know was about changing font size in font editor view. That was some 15 minutes ago. Back to Notepad++ for me.