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    dwg to pdf using PDF Generator ES2




      I'm trying to use LiveCycle PDF Generator ES2 to convert a .dwg file into pdf, using both the LiveCycle admin UI and the LiveCycle webservice API. In both cases, I receive the error:

      'This file type is not supported by LiveCycle PDF Generator ES2 .'


      • Why am I receiving this error, even though 'dwg' files are listed as a supported file format?
      • Are there any specific prerequisites to converting 'dwg' files into pdf, given that other file formats I've tried (Office and image formats) are being successfully converted?


      Please note that I am using an Adobe LiveCycle evaluation version provided by Adobe.


      Thank you in advance for any help.




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          Hodmi Level 4

          Yes, dwg format conversions are supported. 


          There are two things to check:

          1 - The file type settings:

          • Login to adminui  (http://server:port/adminui)
          • Go to Services > LiveCycle PDF Generator ES2 > File Type Settings
          • Choose one of the settings
          • Choose the AutoCAD link
          • Make sure the Filename Extensions is set to: "dwg,dxf,dwf"
          • Save (or Save As)
          • Now when you make your Generator call make sure to use the File Type Setting that you created or modified.



          2 - The service configuration

          • Login to adminui  (http://server:port/adminui)
          • Go to Services > Applications and Services > Service Management
          • Type "generate" into the Name field and click Filter
          • Click on the GeneratePDFService: 1.1 link
          • Locate the field that says "Enable Acrobat-based AutoCAD Conversions (Windows Only):" and set its value to "true"
          • Click Save
          • NOTE:  This will require a restart of the application server before it kicks in.

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            melghali Level 1

            Thanks for the prompt reply.


            Just a follow-up question:

            Is DGN format supported for pdf conversions?


            Thank you for your help.



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              Hodmi Level 4

              Only dwg,dxf,dwf as far as I know