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    NativeProcess issue - MAC

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      Hi All,


      We are developing a Air based desktop application for one of our customer, Please find below our Requirement and problem that we are facing during integration of nativeprocess



                Retrieving system details of MAC and Windows using AS3 NativeProcess.



                We referred the below link for NativeProcess.

      Link: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/459761




      1. Using NativeProcess in AIR, we are trying to get the      system details. In windows we achieved this by calling the systeminfo.exe      which is in the location C:\\Windows\\System32\\systeminfo.exe . Same      method was tried out for MAC with System Profiler.app, it displays an      error message saying that to “specify a valid executable file”.      Alternatively we tried to drill down more and launched the System      Profiler.app/Contents/MacOS/System Profiler file, but we were not able      to read the data of the file, it’s just launching the system profiler.app      – Please suggest how to read the data of the system profiler.app in MAC      OS.
      2. NativeProcess works only when extendedDesktop profile is checked in publish settings. But we are not able to publish AIR      file when extendedDesktop is checked. It throws the error "Error Creating Files. Error 306: Descriptor must support the profile desktop, mobile device or extendedMobileDevice".




      Thanks and Regards,

      Basker D

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          When I had problem #2 what I had to do was to make sure that my application.xml looked exactly like this:

              <supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop desktop</supportedProfiles>


          Order matters. If I put desktop first, I got your error. If I failed to put desktop, I can't seem to create an AIRI file.


          On #1 - is what you really want to run maybe /usr/sbin/system_profiler ?  That's what I would be running from the cmdline, I think.