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    How do I apply a texture to a text field's fill area?


      Hi all, first post and all that!


      I've seen that it's possible to format a specific bit of text in a text field with:
      setTextFormat(format:TextFormat, beginIndex:int = -1, endIndex:int = -1):void


      I need to format a section of text by applying a texture to the rectangular fill space around the letters. (Imagine in Microsoft Word that you've written a short sentence and you highlight it. Then you fill the text background with a colour. Then imagine that that colour is a single repeating texture. That's what I'm trying to achieve.) Note that the text field must be multiline, and I'm not looking to fill the whole rectangular text field area. The applied texture needs to fit to each character.

      Is this possible in Actionscript?

      Would I need to use some kind of HTML or CSS formatting?

      Is it possible at all?

      If it is possible, is it possible to change the size of the fill area around the text?


      Thanks all!