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    IHierarchical Collection View

    ritesh_gcet Level 1

      Dear All,

      I m using the ADG and array collection (collection of class extend by object) as data Provider e.g .:


      The (arrDataprovider[0] as TestLibraryClass) is data provider of ADG1. when i will apply the filter via using

      IHierarchicalCollectionView(AdvancedDataGrid(vb.getChildAt(0)).dataProvider).filterFunctio n=statusFilter ;






      function statusFilter(item:Object):Boolean


      //doign some cross checkijng here and  i will remove the TestLibraryChildSequence ('nth' child of arrDataProvider) in item, then the main arrDatarovider also updated.. but  as per Adobe site the 'filter OR sorting on IHierarchicalCollectionView  will effect only view of data not on orignal data'. but dont know why the remove item was effected in orignal data???



      Please help me...