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    Feature Request: Apply effects to group of clip instances

    KlausKi Level 1

      I have been trying to supply this feature request into the Adobe feedback form. But it appeared that it was too large to be posted in a single feedback form. So I had to split it into three distinct feedback forms.


      I don't want this feature request to get lost just because those three parts can't be joined back into a single feature request again. So I'd like to post it here, requesting for comments, too...




      This feature request is about applying effects to more than one clip:





      Currently, when selecting more than one clip, it's not possible to change any effects settings. The Effects Settings windows only shows a "Multiple clips selected" message.


      Thus, I'd like to suggest the following:


      When selecting more than one clip, the Effects Settings window should display any effects that apply to all the selected clips. Moreover, only those effect parameter values should be displayed having the same value across all selected effects. This on the other hand, of course, can only be displayed for effect parameters not having key frames/timing activated.


      Editing any of the displayed effects' parameters should apply the new value to each currently selected clip instance.





      Then again, when using key frame/timing activated effect parameters, it is currently not possible to apply such effect to more than a clip, too. To apply such animated effects to more than one clip it is currently necessary to nest those clips into a separate sequence.


      Thus, I'd like to suggest the following improvement:


      It should be possible to apply effects not only to clips but also to a group of clips (Menu Clip > Group).


      Activating animation/key framing to any of the effect settings of those effects being assigned to a clip group (in contrast to those effects assigned to any clip instance contained in the the group) will allow to add key frames spanning all clips of the group.


      This way it will be possible to easily create, e.g., a zoom effect spanning several clips.


      If there are clips in-between those belonging to the group, the group's effects won't be applied to those clips not belonging to the group. However, the effects' parameter values are continued to be calculated in the background.



      So this example would be true:

      - Available clips:
      | a | b | c | d | e |

      - Clips grouped into a Clip Group:
      | a |   | c |   | e |

      - Zoom video effect applied to the group, having two key frames added:

      Key frame #1 = beginning of clip | a |
      Key frame #2 = end of clip | e |

      Zoom value of key frame #1 = 100%
      Zoom value of key frame #2 = 400%

      --> So this will be the approximated calculated zoom value when the timeline reaches following points in time:

      Beginning of clip | a |:     100%
      End of clip       | a |:     132%
      Beginning of clip | b |: (100%)
      End of clip       | b |: (100%)
      Beginning of clip | c |:     174%
      End of clip       | c |:     230%
      Beginning of clip | d |: (100%)
      End of clip       | d |: (100%)
      Beginning of clip | e |:     303%
      End of clip       | e |:     400%

      (Unfortunately, this forum doesn't allow me to apply any kind of formatting to the example above. So I can't apply a monospace font or colouring )


      When a group gets ungrouped (Menu Clip > Ungroup), effects that had been applied to the group will be assigned to each individual clip of the group. For effect parameters that had key frames/animation activated, key frames will be created at the beginning and end of each of the clips. The previously calculated values will now be inserted at each automatically created key frame to mimic the grouped effect behaviour. This operation then would finalize the Ungroup operation involving clip group effects.



      Axel Dahmen