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    Adding Titles and sound sync questions


      I have been very happy with PrE9 in that I have a multi camera shoot with external audio from a condensor MIC all edited together nicely.


      I would like to add a black screen to the beginning with a title.  Do I do this by adding a keyframe?  Or is there a better way to do this?


      Also, I have been having lots of trouble sync-ing audio and several video shots together.  Currently I zoom in as much as I can and slide the tracks so that the audio clap wave aligns as close as I can to the other audio clap waves on the other cameras tracks.  Once I get them as close as I can, I delete the audio from all the other camera tracks and use my MIC audio.


      The problem is that this is a difficult process to get exact.  Is there a better way to do this?




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          JeffKershner Level 1

          I don't know why I didn't see this before, but this article helped fix my sync-ing problems:


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For that "black" at the beginning, I like to add Black Video (from the New Icon in the Project Panel. Note: this will come in at the Duration set in Edit>Preferences>General, but can easily be adjusted in the Source Monitor, by setting the Out Point. I use 02 sec. of Black Video at the beginning, and end of all Timelines, and then add a Dip-to-Black between the first Video Clip, and then at the Tail of the last Video Clip.


            This has several purposes: as I usually output to DVD, that 02 sec. of Black Video gives the player time to lock onto both the Audio and Video Tracks, so that I never miss anything - my Audio always starts after the Black Video in the front, and before it at the end. Also, when I edit in PrPro, I use Sequences like Chapters, or Scenes, so when the DVD is authored, I always come up from black, and go to black, so if the laser in the player needs to move about much, it happens during black, and the viewer will never see a "black flash" in contiguous Video.


            Glad that you found the syncing article. I was going to link to my little "Correcting OOS" article, but it is in there. Also, though one would think that with our wonderful digital electronic gear, sync would be a given, but it is not. One user, who does additional audio with a Zoom recorder, found that it was 100.4% faster, than his cameras, and uses the Time Stretch Tool (with Maintain Pitch), to shorten the Audio, by just a bit. With his gear, that percentage works perfectly all the time.


            Good luck,



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