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    CP5: Color Effect - Advanced: Documentation?

    Tom Tantalus Level 1

      I am going make myself familiar with object effects. With the basic effects I could find what the properties might do, but with the first color effect "advanced" I am lost:


      After having tried out different settings for Alpha, Red, Green and Blue I have no idea on how that effect works. Even the 2 values (first in percent, second as integer) have not had an obvious change in presentation to me.


      So I would like to ask for a source of detailed information for this effect (and for all the other effects as well): where may I find a description of all the effects and their special properties, please?

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          Mr_TD Level 2

          Hi Tom,


          first let me explain the colors:


          1) Computers value colors in the Red/Green/Blue space.That is RGB.

          If a value is 100% that is equal to hexadecimal FF which is equal to our normal value 255.

          Now lets see. A value of 255 in red and 0 in the other two values means that you have a pure red tint.

          All other values for the different colors is a mix of the colors, as if you would use watercolors and mix them.


          2) Setting a value to a negative value makes this less. So if you have 255/-255/0 it would be equal to 255/0/0.

          But if you have 144/-255/0 then even the red value would be enhanced, because the Green is less than 0


          3) Percentage values work in the same manner. If you understood me up to this point then 100% is our 255 value.

          Both values work at the same time.



          My suggestion:

          - work either with percentages or numbers.

          - try to stay always in the positive field and do not mix positive and negative values.


          When ever you mix positive and negative or percentages with numbers, it gets harder to image, which kind of tint you willhave in the end.


          4) Transparency works the same way. Do not mix. You can, but its hard to find out what you will receive later


          5) None of the tint effects is visible on stage, only if you test them.


          Best TD

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            Tom Tantalus Level 1

            Thanks a lot. I'm beginning to understand what will have to learn.