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    Video Card for CS4


      Hello everyone, I am new to CS4 and I am in a little bind. I am in need of a better video card. I am not looking to do much high end editing pretty much just the basic stuff. I got CS4 for its ability to edit 4 camera angles at once and thats about it. I have a Dual Processor IBM Intellistation ProZ 2,80ghz computer. With 3 gigs of ram and 4 tbs of hd space. I know that its not the fastest comp but its what was given to me. I have 1 agp slot and thats it. Can anyone help at all with what I should get? I have a Geforce 256mb fx 5700le if you think thats more then enough let me know. Money is an option as I dont have much. Please anyone help me!!!!!! Thank you