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    How do you transfer individual mts files from cs4 to cs5 and not have cs5 combine them as 1 scene?


      I shot mts files with Panasonic HMC 150.  They were not created as one scene when shooting.  Partially edited package in cs4 and transferred all related files to new cs5 pc to complete editing session.  mts files were combined and created as one scene in cs5 and as a result I have lost much of my keypoints in the cs4 based editing session.  What is the quick way to tell cs5 to leave the mts files as used in cs4?


      I like this feature for future, but it is a setback when working on cs4 originated edited material.


      I plan in the future to determine options I have in the HMC 150 so as to determine scene assignments instead of single mts files