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    How to link to a specific topic in robohelp.




      I've been searching for some time now on how to link to a specific robohelp topic using HTML.  I've found a few solutions, but they either remove the left navigation (can't select a new topic) or they don't link to the topic correctly but they display the left navigation.  Here's what my directories look like:  pagetolinkfrom.htm/webhelp/roboindex.htm/topicfolder/topic.htm


      Could any of you tell me how to link to a specific topic using an anchor tag?  The closest I've come to a solution is <a href="webhelp/roboindex.htm?topiciwant.htm">link</a>  This links brings up the entire robohelp interface, but only the default topic will show.  I've tried a pound sign instead of the question mark but that broke it.


      I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me.


      PS- We're using Robohelp 8