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    Loop glitch




      I'm trying to get a video looping infinitely but when the video end, it make a black screen for half a second. If my media is in wmode="transparent" i can see what is behind the video.

      I just use a MediaPlayerSprite, with an image loaded over it waiting the video to play. the video will play if the mouse roll over the video. I tried many ways but the only way that doesn’t make the black screen is tu set an event on current time and make the video go back to start 0.05 sec before the end. Any idea that could make it works without this trick?


      Thanks for reading my post and for your help ^^! And last sorry for my english, it was a bit hard to write this.


      EDIT : I tried MediaPlayerSprite alone with autoplay and loop and it's exactly the same result.

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          I've looked into what you're reporting and indeed I also experienced a flicker between sequent runs of the video.


          Here are some additional observations:

          - I don't always experience the flicker. It gets less and less frequent as the number of replays increases.

          - I believe that the flicker happens at the start of the playback, not at the end as you suspect. This is significant because what I suspect happens is that the flicker you see is in fact caused by the time it take for the video buffer to fill. Only then will the first frame of the video be displayed.


          That being said, it doesn't change the fact that this is not the experience you would expect. To better understand what happens and how this is impacting you I'd need the following additional information:

          - what is the use case that you are trying to implement and how damaging is this flicker from a business point ?

          - what version of OSMF, Flex SDK, Flash Player are you using ?

          - what type of delivery do you have - progressive download, streaming, http streaming? (could you also share the asset you're using?)