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    Newsletter Email Signup Form

    djelder Level 1
      Hi, I am creating a form input for people to submit their emails to get a newsletter. The site is Fun Hit Wonders but I can't get the actual email to go through straight to the server. It's either that I just have a button that goes into the welcome page, or what I would prefer is to have the user to enter the email and it to say thanks for subscribing... Here is the code I used:

      on (release) {
      //1st hidden field
      //this is your unique id
      m = "98236230XXXX";
      //2nd hidden field
      p = "oi";
      //this is the form action and method
      getURL (" http://ccprod.roving.com/roving/d.jsp", "_blank", "POST");

      The input text field is called "ea" do I need to tell my scripting to read that? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks