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    script not run within folder


      Hi All,


      See my below code which i am using for relink my images.


      My old images name have following changes, [hyphen] change to [underscore], [solidus] change to [underscore], and [space] change to [underscore].


      I am working on InDesing CS4 on Macintosh. My code is working fine if my folder name is one word i.e, Test.

      My code does not work when my folder name  has [underscore]  or [space] i.e, Test_relink.


      Can anyone suggest where is the problem is and how to rectify it.




      var myDocLinks = app.documents[0].allGraphics;
      for (l = myDocLinks.length-1; l >= 0 ; l--)
      var myLink = myDocLinks[l].itemLink;
      var myLinkNewName = myLink.filePath.replace(/-/g, "_").replace(/\//g, "_").replace(/ /g, "_");
      var myNewLinks = new File(myLinkNewName);
      if (myNewLinks.exists)
      try {
      catch(e) {_}