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    DVD-ROM with embedded DB, possible with Flash Builder?


      Hello to all,


         I'm a totally newbie about adobe products. Anyway I've been asked to determine a techology available to build a DVD-rom fitted with an embeded DB inside it in order to develop an application capable of dynamic request building when running!


         To be more clear I'll put a simple example.


         I want to create a DVD allowing users (on their PCs and not connected to the web) to select the best recipies according to the content of their fridge. The DB inside the DVD-ROM will contain a huge amount of combinations possible to satisfy the hungry custommer with his food's constraints.


      Because of the impossibility to predict the results the application must be able to ask dynamically the embedded data of the system.


      Last point. Is it possible then to dynamically link a video (stored on the DVD-ROM) in cases of the recipie selected has a video that fits the case.


      Thank you for any help.