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    map with moving (animated) route???

    liquidmonkey1 Level 1

      not sure if this is a PPro ? but, how can i make one of those great looking maps that has a animated arrow which shows a route that i have taken?

      basically i have biked around iceland (which was awesome) and want to create a map showing my route, but i want the route animated as i have seen on some travel shows, specifically THE LONG WAY ROUND.


      is there a tutorial available? i don't even know what terms to search for


      thanks for any tips...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is easily done by several techniques. Per your description, the "arrow" can be done in Titler. This ARTICLE will give you some tips. To animate the arrow, you will just Keyframe the fixed Effect>Motion>Position (and maybe Rotation too), from the Effects Control Panel, after you have placed the Title on the Timeline, above your map graphic, and then Selected it.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Another treatment would be to take the map into PS, and on a New Layer, draw a line to match your route. This could be as smooth, or as "hand drawn," as you wish. Turn of the Visibility on the map Layer, and then do a Save_As PSD, for just that Layer with your line. Import that into PrPro, and align it with your map graphic (should be perfect, or very close - and if necessary, use Motion>Position to make it perfect). Now, your line covers the route, so we will want to animate it being revealed, as you "travel." This can be done by animating the Effect>Transform>Crop, but this will give you a straight vertical edge, as you reveal more of the line. Or, you could use the Effect>Transition>Linear Wipe, to get softer, and adjustable edge on the line. I like the latter.


            Like I said, there are several ways to do this, including the Effect>Stylize>Write On, and Effect from AfterEffects.


            Good luck,




            PS - there was a good tutorial on doing some of this, but Curt Wrigley's Web site has been taken down. There might be some tutorials of use at Creative Cow.

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              liquidmonkey1 Level 1

              THANKS for the tips and tutorial links!!

              took some time to learn me KEYFRAMES and it is really awesome!!! made some tests using an arrow and text too which worked great!


              so now i have my map zooming in and blending from the earth map into the iceland map.



              just trying to think of best way to make the route 'move' now. its impossible to find a tutorial on just this 'animating a route' thing.

              the linear wipe suggestion is good but my route loops around sometimes so it would look weird.


              is there a way to draw points and then have a line automatically join each of the points along the way?

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                liquidmonkey1 Level 1

                haha, 2 minutes after i say i can't find any i see this on your tube.

                its not on a map BUT the idea is the same.




                will give this a try!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  OK, for looping, and similar, I would do this in Photoshop, and basically do the animation there. I have done this for "hand writing," using a handwritten font, to simulate chalk on a chalk board.


                  Bring in a still of your map, that matches the very last frame of your Earth to map animation, so that things will match up 100%. Then draw your full route on a Layer. Keep in mind that this will be the LAST Frame of the animation that will come. Using Layer Masks, totally obscure that complete route. Here, I do Layer Comps, but if you do not want to learn those, Just do a Save_As, choosing PSD, and increment the file name by 1. Carefully Erase just a bit of that Layer Mask, revealing more, and more of the route graphic. Here I used a rounded Brush, with just a hint of "bristle" to simulate the look of chalk on a slightly rough chalkboard. Keep doing a Save_As, and incrementing the file name. I created an Action for my Save_As,and all I had to do was increment the file name. With Scripting (now in PS), one could probably write a self-incrementing script. Let's say that you end up with 50 PSD's to reveal the entire route. Place all 50 PSD's in their separate folder, and then decide what "pacing" works best for you. For the "handwriting" I chose a Duration of 04 secs., but you might want a slower pace, or a quicker pace. This might take a bit of experimenting. Also, remember that you can later alter the Duration of some of the stills, to adjust the overall pacing, but you'll want to estimate things fairly closely, to save handwork on 50 stills. Once you have that Duration down, set it in Edit>Preferences Note: CS5 will allow you adjust Duration en masse even after you Import, from the Project Panel. Another note: you can also Import as a Numbered Sequence. Drag the stills to the Timeline, and then go to Edit Preferences to alter the default Transition Duration, and set that to just about 1/2 of the Duration that you chose for your stills. I used the Cross-Dissolve, set as default, at 02 secs., and just did a Ctrl+D to apply that.


                  If you need to alter the Duration of some of these stills, just Click-drag on the Tail, or Head of one, with the Ctrl key pressed, to Ripple.


                  It's really easier to do, than to write about how to do it.


                  One more thought: you can create an overlay with say red "dots" that show up on the map, where you stopped. You could do this in PS, on another Layer, or in Titler.


                  Good luck, and with a bit of experimenting, you will get exactly what you want.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Nice tutorial. I had not seen that one. I will bookmark that. Thanks!


                    One thing that I like about the PS method, described above, is that I could design my Brush (for the Layer Mask), to look just like I wanted.


                    Also, in my case, I was using a "handwriting" font, so my graphics were already done, and I just made it look like it was being hand written.


                    Good luck,



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                      liquidmonkey1 Level 1

                      hey thanks for that mr. hunt, more awesome tips!!

                      i like your PS idea as using the WRITE-ON effect is good but it does not give me the exactness i was looking for but in PS i can zoom and so on. good idea!


                      one ??? with the write-on effect.

                      i have the program monitor window on one monitor and the rest of PPro on another.

                      the map i'm using is on the program monitor and it is maximized to the monitor size (so i can see the most).

                      but the thing it, the image is somewhat blurred / pixelated when i'm using the write-on effect.

                      the image is crystal clear when the video plays.


                      i find this weird since a) i have a quad core machine with TWELVE gigs of ram b) its tough to pin-point exactly where i want the points to be.



                      any suggestions?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of your map image?


                        What is the format of that map image?


                        What is your Sequence Preset?


                        What is the Quality setting of the Program Monitor?


                        What is the Magnification setting of the Program Monitor?


                        Good luck,



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                          liquidmonkey1 Level 1

                          again, thanks for those tips, the ??? above



                          and just wanted to say, found this tutorial on youtube which is exactly what i wanted!



                          and only needed the first 3 minutes to get the path.

                          i did try your PS method but i couldn't get that 'create a smooth path' look that i can get with the above tutorial.


                          thanks again for all the help, i have learned SOOOO MUCH today. better get back to my wife or she is really gonna kill me

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            In PS, if you want a smooth path, you are on the right path... Just use the Pen Tool to create the Path of your desire, and use the Bezier Handles to get perfect arcs, etc.. Then, on that separate Layer, go to the Paths Palette and choose Stroke Path. You can choose several Tools, from the Pencil (very smooth) to the Brush, where you can soften the edges.


                            Good luck, and thanks for that tutorial link too.